Move Rite Transfer & Storage keeps your
business moving, while you’re moving

In a perfect world, you’d be able to push the “Pause” button while you move a whole office, and your clients would patiently wait for you. Unfortunately, there is no such button. That’s why Move Rite Transfer & Storage in Ashland, Kentucky is here — to help you move so that your business can keep moving.

Moving your business means that we work on your time. Our moving company specializes in relocating offices during non-business hours so you never lose contact with your customers. That means you never miss a call or sale.

Move Rite Transfer & Storage will take you beyond just moving your office. Our team of expert movers will also help disassemble and reassemble your office equipment. Not ready to move all at once? We also have many business storage solutions available for your next office relocation.

Enjoy hassle-free moving. Choose Move Rite Transfer & Storage in Ashland, Kentucky for your next business or office move.

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